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Publish dedications and remembrances to your loved ones who have passed on to the other world in your own State. The Obituary pullout of Eenadu is the most widely circulated one of the state. Invite extended family members and close ones at the funeral and condolence meetings of your near and dear ones through obituary display advertisements in Eenadu Newspaper.

Obituary Advertisement Booking
All Days
Booking Deadline
2 day prior to release date
Minimum Size
4cms (W) x 4cms (H)
All Days
Minimum Size
4cms (W) x 4cms (H)

Where is Obituary published from ?


Location Publishing Days Ad Rate Starting From
HyderabadAll DaysRs. 1365 /sqcmBOOK NOW
HyderabadAll DaysRs. 1365 /sqcmBOOK NOW
VisakhapatnamAll DaysRs. 450 /sqcmBOOK NOW
AmravathiAll DaysRs. 400 /sqcmBOOK NOW
East Godavari (Rajamahendravaram)All DaysRs. 215 /sqcmBOOK NOW
GunturAll DaysRs. 350 /sqcmBOOK NOW
SrikakulamAll DaysRs. 190 /sqcmBOOK NOW
West GodavariAll DaysRs. 225 /sqcmBOOK NOW
AnantapurAll DaysRs. 225 /sqcmBOOK NOW
KarimnagarAll DaysRs. 190 /sqcmBOOK NOW
ChittoorAll DaysRs. 165 /sqcmBOOK NOW
KhammamAll DaysRs. 180 /sqcmBOOK NOW
NizamabadAll DaysRs. 160 /sqcmBOOK NOW
Warangal UrbanAll DaysRs. 160 /sqcmBOOK NOW
Warangal RuralAll DaysRs. 115 /sqcmBOOK NOW
KurnoolAll DaysRs. 220 /sqcmBOOK NOW
SuryapetAll DaysRs. 125 /sqcmBOOK NOW
NalgondaAll DaysRs. 160 /sqcmBOOK NOW
MahabubnagarAll DaysRs. 160 /sqcmBOOK NOW
WarangalAll DaysRs. 240 /sqcmBOOK NOW
MedakAll DaysRs. 115 /sqcmBOOK NOW
NelloreAll DaysRs. 225 /sqcmBOOK NOW
AdilabadAll DaysRs. 125 /sqcmBOOK NOW
OngoleAll DaysRs. 230 /sqcmBOOK NOW
PrakasamAll DaysRs. 200 /sqcmBOOK NOW
VikarabadAll DaysRs. 125 /sqcmBOOK NOW
SangareddyAll DaysRs. 130 /sqcmBOOK NOW
KadapaAll DaysRs. 200 /sqcmBOOK NOW
VizianagaramAll DaysRs. 190 /sqcmBOOK NOW
SiddipetAll DaysRs. 115 /sqcmBOOK NOW
KarnatakaAll DaysRs. 210 /sqcmBOOK NOW
PeddapalliAll DaysRs. 125 /sqcmBOOK NOW
KrishnaAll DaysRs. 240 /sqcmBOOK NOW
JagityalaAll DaysRs. 115 /sqcmBOOK NOW
ChennaiAll DaysRs. 130 /sqcmBOOK NOW
RajannaAll DaysRs. 105 /sqcmBOOK NOW
MancherialAll DaysRs. 130 /sqcmBOOK NOW
MahabubabadAll DaysRs. 105 /sqcmBOOK NOW
OrissaAll DaysRs. 80 /sqcmBOOK NOW
NagarkurnoolAll DaysRs. 115 /sqcmBOOK NOW
NirmalAll DaysRs. 115 /sqcmBOOK NOW
KamareddyAll DaysRs. 115 /sqcmBOOK NOW
YadadriAll DaysRs. 115 /sqcmBOOK NOW
WanaparthyAll DaysRs. 105 /sqcmBOOK NOW
KomurambheemAll DaysRs. 130 /sqcmBOOK NOW
JangaonAll DaysRs. 130 /sqcmBOOK NOW
JayashankarAll DaysRs. 105 /sqcmBOOK NOW
BhadradriAll DaysRs. 135 /sqcmBOOK NOW
JogulambaAll DaysRs. 105 /sqcmBOOK NOW
Manyam (Parvatipuram)All DaysRs. 90 /sqcmBOOK NOW
AnakapalliAll DaysRs. 150 /sqcmBOOK NOW
Alluri Sitaramaraju (Paderu)All DaysRs. 80 /sqcmBOOK NOW
Annamaiah (Rayachorti)All DaysRs. 140 /sqcmBOOK NOW
Sri Satyasai (Puttaparthi)All DaysRs. 140 /sqcmBOOK NOW
NandyalaAll DaysRs. 140 /sqcmBOOK NOW
KakinadaAll DaysRs. 210 /sqcmBOOK NOW
Konaseema (Amalapuram)All DaysRs. 150 /sqcmBOOK NOW
EluruAll DaysRs. 210 /sqcmBOOK NOW
Palnadu (Narasaraopet)All DaysRs. 150 /sqcmBOOK NOW
BapatlaAll DaysRs. 150 /sqcmBOOK NOW
TirupatiAll DaysRs. 215 /sqcmBOOK NOW

Select a Discount Package


Eenadu Combined - (Andhra Pradesh + Telangana States)
Rs. 5205 / sqcm Book Now
Eenadu - (Andhra Pradesh State)
Rs. 3510 / sqcm Book Now
Eenadu - Telangana State (Greater Hyderabad + Telangana)
Rs. 2610 / sqcm Book Now
Eenadu - Greater Hyderabad
Rs. 1570 / sqcm Book Now
Eenadu - Central Andhra (Amravathi+Krishna+Guntur+Prakasham+Nellore)
Rs. 1455 / sqcm Book Now
Eenadu (Hyderabad City + Vikarabad )
Rs. 1365 / sqcm Book Now
Eenadu - North Andhra (Vizag + East Godavari + Srirakakulam + Vizianagaram)
Rs. 1345 / sqcm Book Now
Eenadu - Rayalaseema (Chitoor + Kadapa + Anantpur + Kurnool )
Rs. 1305 / sqcm Book Now
Eenadu (Guntur+ Amaravathi)
Rs. 600 / sqcm Book Now
Eenadu (Visakhapatnam + Visakhapatnam Dist)
Rs. 560 / sqcm Book Now
Eenadu (East Godavari + West Godavari)
Rs. 555 / sqcm Book Now
Eenadu (Amravathi + Krishna)
Rs. 550 / sqcm Book Now
Eenadu (Guntur + Palnadu + Bapatla)
Rs. 450 / sqcm Book Now
Eenadu (Chitoor + Nellore)
Rs. 435 / sqcm Book Now
Eenadu (East Godavari + Kakinada + Konaseema)
Rs. 360 / sqcm Book Now
Eenadu (Srikakulam + Vizianagaram+ Manyam)
Rs. 335 / sqcm Book Now
Eenadu (Sri Potti Sriramulu Nellore + Tirupati)
Rs. 325 / sqcm Book Now
Eenadu (Eluru + East Godavari)
Rs. 320 / sqcm Book Now
Eenadu (Chittoor + Tirupati + Annamaiah)
Rs. 310 / sqcm Book Now
Eenadu (Chittoor + Tirupati)
Rs. 285 / sqcm Book Now
Eenadu - (Karimnagar + Peddapally + Jagityala + Rajanna)
Rs. 275 / sqcm Book Now
Eenadu (Kurnool + Nandyala)
Rs. 270 / sqcm Book Now
Eenadu (Kadapa+ Annamaiah)
Rs. 240 / sqcm Book Now
Eenadu - (Khammam + Bhadradri)
Rs. 230 / sqcm Book Now
Eenadu - (Mahaboobnagar + Nagarkurnool + Wanaparthy + Jogilambha)
Rs. 220 / sqcm Book Now
Eenadu (Manyam + Vizianagaram)
Rs. 210 / sqcm Book Now
Eenadu - (Warangal Urban + Warangal Rural)
Rs. 190 / sqcm Book Now
Eenadu (Anakapalli + Alluri Sitaramaraju)
Rs. 180 / sqcm Book Now

Innovation Option


Jacket Full Page Ad
33cm x 52cm
These display ads are placed on the Front Page of the newspaper on both the sides. They are available in the dimensions of 33 cm X 48cm
Half jackets Ad
16.5cm x 52cm
These display ads appear on half of the front page in a newspaper. Half-Jacket ads are available in 16.5 cm X 52 cm dimensions.
Book Mark Ad
3cm x 52cm
Bookmark ads peek out of the newspapers just like a normal bookmark marking the page where your ad has appeared. You can choose to book a full/half-page ad in this case.
Pointers Ad
4cm x 5 cm
Pointer ad appears on the left-most column of the main page. This small ad appears in 4 cm X 5 cm size.
SkyBus Ad
33cm X 5cm
These ads materialize under the masthead of the newspaper in the main page and are 33 cm in length and 5cm in width
Advertorial Ad
Any Size
Publish an article about your product / service - to be placed alongside regular editorial content. You get to choose your headline, text & visuals.


Why advertise in Obituary ?

In order to release a Obituary Display advertisement in Eenadu Newspaper, please keep the following points in mind to enable a hassle free booking of your ad:

  1. Ad Type: To release an ad in Obituary, please remember that you can publish only Display ads in it and there is no space for classified advertising
  2. Focus Day: On the Make Payment page, there is a calendar provided on which you can choose the ad release dates. The dates the calendar allows you to choose are available for to confirm as your preferred ad release date
  3. Ad Size: The minimum ad size for releasing display ads in Obituary should at least be 4 cm (length) X 4 cm (width)
  4. Ad Space: Obituary and Personal ads can also be published in the display and classified display ad format in the main newspaper’s dedicated Obituary section or any other preferred page-front, back or third

Apart from this, it has also been recognized as the most popular and widely read Eenadu Newspaper across the whole world.

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