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The two types of classified ads, namely Classified Text and Classified Display ads are charged differently due to the difference in their formats. Classified Text Ads also known as Run on line ads are charged on the basis of the number of lines/characters/ words used in the content of the advert. Classified Display ads a.k.a as column ads are calculated according to the amount of space taken up by the advert in per unit. CD ads are available both in colored and black and white format and their size can only be altered in height or length.

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Economical, Simple Text. Charges per line/ word. Can be enhanced with Tick, Border & Bold

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More Visible & Expensive. Include image, colour,font variations. Rate is charged on per basis.

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Nizamabad Edition covers the following areas:

  • Nizamabad

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Thanks for the query! Well at releaseMyAd you will get discount ad rates for each category.  We offer lowest ad rates for booking classified ads in any Indian Newspaper.  Our portal enable advertisers to book ads in just three simple steps and also you can make the payment online. W...
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Thanks for writing us! You can book matrimonial ads in Eenadu in two different formats i.e classified text and classified display. In classified text advertisers can put their ads in simple running texts and they can add enhancements to highlight their ads. On the other hand classified displa...
Answered by Upasana Ganguly
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There are around thirty-five ad categories available for booking ads in Eenadu. In Eenadu advertisers can book ads under different categories which include recruitment, property, business, education, matrimony, retail, personal, obituary, computer, services and so on. You can visit our ad booking...
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Eenadu Nizamabad Classified booking Center

ReleaseMyAd Media Pvt.Ltd.

Main Rd, Bodhan,, Nizamabad, Andhra Pradesh ,503185

Why advertise in Eenadu Nizamabad

Nizamabad or Nizamabad of Nizams is located in the newest Indian state, Telangana. Nizamabad is a centre for trade, commerce and education in the district. It is a growing Nizamabad with a  hunger for an affordable advertising solution that only an ad agency like releaseMyAd can satiate. Book Eenadu Newspaper classified ads for Nizamabad at lowest rates only with releaseMyAd. Use our 3 step ad booking process to book your classifieds with a few clicks.

1. Select Ad Type and Ad Category:

Choose the ad type (text classifieds or display classifieds) and ad category (matrimonial, travel, recruitment, business, astrology, etc.) at the onset of your ad booking process.

2. Compose Ad:

Next compose the ad in your own words. For display classified ads, you will have to edit an existing layout or upload a pre-existing ad.

3. Select Dates & Make Payments:

The last stage consists of selecting the dates for ad release and making payments. Use our various online and offline payment options to clear payments.

Eenadu Nizamabad Ad Booking Processs

Why choose releaseMyAd for booking classified ads in Nizamabad?

Nizamabad is a district and Nizamabad (district headquarters of Nizamabad) in Telangana. The area is home to several small scale industries like sugar mills. Classified ads are low-cost solutions to beat the competition in the zone. releaseMyAd is a successful ad agency in Nizamabad. It helps SMB advertisers to book classified ads in top newspapers of Nizamabad at affordable rates.

Advertisers in Nizamabad prefer to book Eenadu classified ads with releaseMyAd due to:

• Instant ad booking facility with our 3 step online ad booking lowest ad rates for Nizamabad.
• Classified ad booking in leading Nizamabad newspapers with a fully INS accredited ad agency.
• Clear payments with our online or offline payment options. SSL encryption keeps out unwanted third parties while you transact on our website.

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