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About Eenadu

Eenadu – No.1 Telegu  Newspaper of India

Eenadu is a highly popular Telegu newspaper published across Andhra Pradesh.  Founded in 1974 by Ramoji Group Eenadu’s rise to the top wasn’t instant. Initially Eenadu struggled to become a daily newspaper as it barely managed to sell 3,000 copies in the entire week. But with time the newspaper’s relentless efforts to shine amongst other helped it fetch a readership around 1, 13, 49,000.

Reasons for popularity:

Eenadu has always been recognized to be a newspaper with strong political opinions. It was the newspaper’s political viewpoints that resulted in a change of Government in Andhra Pradesh.  Regulars of Eenadu also follow the economic and financial columns published on weekdays. A newspaper that was struggling during its initial days has now successfully surpassed Andhra Prabha to become the most read newspaper in Andhra Pradesh.

Growth of advertising in Eenadu:

Eenadu is the third most popular regional newspaper and the tenth most circulated newspaper in the country. Figures like these alone tempt advertisers to book ads in Eenadu newspaper on a regular basis. To add to this Eenadu is circulated in cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai which means advertisers can reach out to more potential consumers.


Telegu newspapers like Andhra Prabha and Sakshi are the two biggest rivals of Eenadu in Andhra Pradesh. Deccan Chronicle and Times of India challenge Eenadu’s total readership on a national level.  

Eenadu Blog

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The brainchild of Ramoji Rao, Eenadu was launched in 1974. Struggling to establish itself as a leading regional daily, Eenadu faced a lot of setbacks in terms of circulation and reception. With its brilliant quality of journalism and crisp reporting methods, Eenadu slowly and steadily carved for itself a niche among the market of leading...
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Eenadu is a critically acclaimed Telugu daily enjoys prime circulation in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telengana. Eenadu, Telugu for “today”, ranked 6th in an IRS survey of 2012 of the most read regional dailies in India. Despite facing numerous logistical complications in the beginning, Eenadu has definitely come a long way to become...
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